Thursday, September 30, 2004

Is it raining??

I thought I'd share with you some of the adventures of my new home which I moved into about a month ago. First of all let me explain the layout of my house. You walk in the front door and to your right are a set of stairs that lead to the 3 bedrooms and one bathroom that are upstairs. You then walk into the living/dining room. Beneath the stairs is a second bathroom and a bedroom that I am contemplating making into an office. On the other side of the living room is the kitchen. This is the whole "inside" of the house. You then walk out the back door in the kitchen and on your right is a bedroom and bathroom that was advertised as a maidsroom and truthfully is a little bit scary. I avoid that room quite a bit. This is also where the large cement cauldron is for washing clothes. So anyway... 3 times now I've woken up in the morning in my upstairs bedroom, looked out the window, and thought "is it raining? I hear rain, but I don't see rain" I then precede to get up and look for the source of this conundrum. My mind is getting quicker and I now know the first place to look. The "maid's" bathroom. Occasionally, and for absolutely no reason at all because no one enters that part of the house, the toilet decides, in the middle of the night, to erupt water. This isn't a small leak this is Niagura falls in the back room. When this occurs I have to wade (because by this point the floor is 3-4 inches deep in water) into this dark dungeon of a room to try and turn off the toilet or at least direct it's flow towards the shower. Turning off the toilet is never an option because each time I think it is fixed and I turn the knob the knob falls off in my hand. After the third time, the handy neighborhood man that fixes things in my house decides that the problem is just to hard to fix and turns off the water completely to that bathroom. I'm hoping this is at least a temporary solution to the problem. Thinking this was the only problem toilet in the house, I was lulled into a false sense of security. This morning I woke up, stumbled to my nice little bathroom upstairs and used the toilet. Afterwards, as all good human beings do, I flushed the toilet...bad decision. My toilet decided it did not want to be flushed and began spraying water around my bathroom. I frantically move things like the toilet paper and my bathroom products out of the way while trying not to get soaked. After turning off the water I realize that this flooding bathroom is something I can fix. I take the top off of the toilet and precede to work my toilet fixing magic. My bathroom is now back in working order but I haven't yet gained the confidence to try my hand at the dungeon toilet. I think that' s a job for someone much braver and more skilled than me.
I have also had run ins with cockroaches, mice, rats and other household pests in my first month here. I seem to have gotten all of those problems under control through a combination of traps, poisons, and sprays. Life in Honduras will keep you on your toes. I'm going to the prison tomorrow so I'm sure I'll have some more stories again soon.


crittermer said...

Amber, I laughed all the way through this. Do you remember how the toilet in our little apartment in Oklahoma NEVER worked? What is it with you and toilets? I think you have had an eternal toilet curse cast on you.

Cool Guy said...

I am afraid of toliets. Can someone help me? Please?