Monday, February 27, 2006


I was blessed by a wonderful trip to Roatan last week with my roommate and her boyfriend Beto. We had a wonderful time. Roatan truly is the closest thing to Paradise I have ever seen. Laura´s mother was visiting on a cruise ship and flew us out to see her. The first day we spent visiting with her and seeing the sites and the second day we spent snorkeling. The ocean is so beautiful and we came home exhausted but at the same time refreshed by the break. The pictures are of the place we stayed, the ocean (obviously) and a great italian restaraunt where we had lunch one day.

Purse Theft

Well I was going to blog this story but I´m out of time and it really isn´t that big of a deal. To make a long story short whilst driving by the national stadium with my passenger side window open (stupid rookie mistake) I slowed down to merge into traffic and a very charming young man took it upon himself to jump through said window and steal my purse, taking with him my drivers license, ATM card, cell phone, digital camera, and phase 10 cards. This has made for a difficult month financially, with a lot of borrowing from my wonderful roommate. But all is well in wonderland. Dudley comes in a couple of weeks and hopefully will be carrying with him my new ATM card. The drivers license will be replaced by a green piece of paper given to me by the police until I can return home and get another one. So on the whole, no harm no foul.

Birthday Party!!

Laura and I had a wonderful birthday party for a couple of kids celebrating
birthdays in El Mogote. Complete with Piñata, party hats, and cupcakes. We even had macaroni and hotdogs for lunch. Talk about a meal of champions. The kids had a blast and I love watching their little faces light up. I wish that each of you could come and share this time with me. It is such a blessing. Mom if you happen to be reading this, the little girl in the red dress is wearing Hailey's dress and it has become her special party outfit. She is so cute. The first picture is of the kids screaming at the monkey that lives across the street from the park by our house. They were really excited about seeing our friend "Poncho" the monkey. Sadly I have no pictures of him at this time.

Of Course I left some things out

For those of you that are reading this off of the link in the newsletter you will be shocked to learn that I forgot to put three major events into the letter that was already book length. Those events in sequential are a huge birthday party for Mogote kids, the theft of my purse, and a trip to Roatan. How you might ask, does a person forget such events. Well the answer is one doesn´t. One just gets one´s head crammed full of other stuff that things get lost. Welcome to the land that is my crazy brain. I will now proceed to blog about each of these events. If you are so inclined read the preceding blogs, that´s a little strange isn´t, but I haven´t been able to figure out how to change the order so here goes. Love you guys!