Monday, April 18, 2011

Clothing Give Away

On Sunday we did another clothing give away. 
It's always fun to watch them pick out clothes and give each other clothing advice.

You would not believe how many times they looked through the clothes and changed them for different ones.

Everyone is as interested in what everyone else picks as what they get themselves

Such a blessing to be able to share with them the things the spring break groups left behind.  

More Babies!

Another new baby living in our homeless ministry building.  
This is Yolani and Lindais.  Yolani came by last week and said she didn't have anywhere to go with her 16 day old baby, and could she stay with us.  She now has a room and a warm bed to keep them both safe.  

Baby Lindais at 16 days

Lindais and Penelope having a nap together

Lindais at 19 days.  Yolani keeps her bundled up despite the heat. "They feel cold, Amber, you don't know"

Penelope came to church for the first time on Sunday.  She's precious.

Baby Amber is still the princess

Muriel and Talanga showing off their babies to each other for the first time.

Baby Amber

Always making the rounds.

So many precious new lives.  Please continue to pray that God is the anchor to their lives.

My New Favorite Picture.

This picture gets it's own post.  I love them both so much.
And I can't believe how gorgeous this picture is.  
I may be framing this one.

Translating with VCOM

This past week I had the honor and blessing of working with another VCOM team.  This time they had a heavy focus on women's health and I worked almost exclusively with Dr. Roberts doing pap smears, pelvic exams, and breast exams.  It is always a blessing to be able to help people receive medical care, but this time was very special because I was able to comfort and reassure them through some very uncomfortable procedures.  
Part of the clinic team.  Dr. Roberts is there beside me.  He is truly a wonderful man seeking God's will for his life.  I am blessed to now be counted as a friend.

Lining up in San Juancito, the one day we went out onto the field.

A beautiful old mining town, with beautiful buildings.  

Two sweet older ladies who made the trek down to the clinic

Some of the students and their patients.

Gorgeous little girl

Some of my favorite ladies working in the pharmacy

These sweet boys became my pals throughout the day and started calling me "dulce", candy, thinking they might get some out of me.  Obviously they haven't spent enough time with me :)

And of course Rosie was the star of the show.  
This is Sam, maybe her first crush.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I need some help!!!

Hey Guys,
Next week is Holy Week here in Honduras and pretty much everyone I know is headed to the beach.  I will most definitely NOT be heading to anywhere that holds water.  I'm not a big fan of mass amounts of people.  But Courtney and I talked and we'd really like to do some team building and leadership training type activities with the people living in our ministry building.  They all have such potential for success but have a hard time getting past harassing each other in order to show that to the world.  So next week we're going to try our first group outing with the homeless ministry.  We're going on a camping trip, maybe :).  The details still haven't been worked out but I need your help to figure out the activities.  If you know of any great, but fairly simple team building activities we can do please post them here.  We want things that get them laughing and working together.  Thank you all so much for sharing in our ministry.
Love ya!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Have I Mentioned I Love Them - Sunday Afternoon

Talanga showing off his new clothes from Drew and Louisa

Reina and baby Amber showing off their clothes

Sleeping Beauty rarely wakes up

Sweet moment with Belkis and two of her precious kiddos

Seriously, could this be more precious.  
I LOVE Talanga's face in the background.

Everyone wants a turn with Amber, I think Belkis loves her more than her own kids some days.


Talanga's two favorite girls

"Got you her, mama"

A full house on Sunday

I don't even know this little guy's name, he's very quiet but he is ALWAYS here on Sunday 
and is sweet as can be.  

I'm so proud of my boy

"Who is a sinner?"

My little Monkey after Bible class.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Friday Night With Our Friends

Just a few pictures from Friday night

The wrap is making it's rounds

Dayana is so adorable

Plastic Goggles were the toy of choice tonight

David and Jonathan

Silly Girl

Pamela is so beautiful.  I want to make her smile like that all of the time

Oh Jonathan, it doesn't matter how many times this kid washes his face it is ALWAYS dirty.

Our teens hanging out and being silly outside

Reina is sooo proud of that baby

Karla trying to look tough

These two crazy women crack me up.  Belkis and Consuelo are quickly becoming some of my best friends at the homeless ministry.  They are such a mess but they are very lovable.

Rosie and Her Crazy Faces

Happy Face
Sad Face

Silly Face
Mad Face

She cracks me up