Sunday, January 29, 2006

My Soccer Boys

In El Mogote we are blessed to have another missions team from a non-denominational church in Oklahoma City that works with the people, teaching them trades and providing medical care among other things. Ron and Shelly have been a real blessing to me. They´ve been in the area for about 7 years and are able to answer a lot of questions that I have about dealing with the people. They recently started a soccer program that spans 12 colonies (neighborhoods) and is a great outreach to the community. Two of my boys are participating in this and their first game was a week ago. They were precious in their uniforms. It was the first time they had ever played in uniform and they all had a blast. I loved watching them play. We were sooo excited when they won their game and it was Fernando that made the only goal. They are such great kids, I´m so glad they´ve been given this opportunity.

Catherine´s Birthday Party.

We just finished having a little birthday for Catherine, Xiomara’s little girl. She turns 7 tomorrow. Laura made a cake and we added my tealights as candles and had a grand old time. I love being able to do stuff like this for the kids here but it really is a blessing for the child´s family. Nine times out of ten they would love to have a party for their child but are unable to afford it. I think Laura and I had as much fun getting ready for the party and picking out little gifts as Catherine had receiving them.

Christmas Party

My Christmas Party with the boys was a smashing success. We had a tree and stockings and I even made a turkey dinner. We had so much fun. The boys’ presents to the both of us were precious. I received two teddy bears, a key holder, two glass mirrored trinket holding houses for the wall, a wooden house wall decoration, and an amazing letter from Fernando. I was amazed that the boys put so much thought and time into our presents. They have so little and yet they give so much. The boys spent the night and we spent the evening eating turkey, watching movies, and playing with their new Nintendo like games. Great times were had by all.

New House

I can’t express how excited I am about my new house. Laura and I are sharing this amazing blessing and can’t get enough of it. It is a three bedroom, two bathroom house with an outside maid’s quarters that also has it’s own bath. We have hot water, a garage, and cable. Best of all, there are NO RATS and Electricity!! We actually have furniture in this house and I even bought my own bed. I feel like I finally have a home here instead of just a place to stay. It was so much fun finding furnishing for the house. We ran around town visiting all the cheap furniture stores and finally found a navy blue couch and two chairs for around $250. That was the winner. Since then we’ve added a kitchen table and a couple of rugs. Our goal at the moment is furnishing the guest room which at the moment contains a map waiting to be hung on the wall.

I´m Back!!

Hello World! It’s time for the blog to jump start itself again. I’m hoping to keep on top of it a little better but no promises. I’m just going to take it from things that have happened since I arrived back in Honduras, otherwise I would never catch up. Things are fabulous here. I had a wonderful time at home and I’m so thankful to God and each of you that have blessed my life so richly. It was wonderful to see all of you while I was home. Here are a few pictures of my time at home. I’ll try and post at least twice a month from now on.