Friday, November 19, 2004

Incredibly overwhelming.

I just want you all to know that I am more richly blessed than I can even begin to understand. I came in to read my emails today and my inbox was overflowing with supportive emails. Emails that made me cry they were so encouraging and complimentary. You guys are awesome. I knew that I had great friends but this has just blown me away. Each of you have your own things that you are dealing with and yet you take the time to read my blogs, send me wonderful emails, and pray for me. I can´t say Thank You enough. One of the biggest encouragements I receive is the knowledge that I am touching lives even when I don´t know it. I tend to get into my little world with the children (whose lives I know I am touching) and I forget that adults and peers are watching too. God is so amazing. He reveals himself and his love for me in so many different and unexpected ways. And at times when it is needed most. I am a true believer in the idea that God sends people to others when they are in need and that he has sent each of you to me to keep my spirits high. God has allowed me to wake up every morning to a work that I love. So few people have that these days. I have to admit in the past when I´ve heard the phrase ¨my cup runneth over¨I´ve thought it kind of cliche and the product of high emotion. Now I can´t express my self in any other way. God is pouring blessings on me faster than I can take them in. There are always challenges in the life of a Christian but greatly rewards those that are willing to meet those challenges with Him at their side. Thanks again you guys. You truly are the greatest friends a person could wish for. I love you.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Just A Few Reasons...

Why I love my boys
*They run to give me hugs screaming Mommy Amber Mommy Amber every time we see each other after being apart.
*They learned how to say “sit here please” in English just so they could ask me to sit with them at meal times.
*They find ways to sit next to me at movie time even when there is no room. I usually have one with a head on each knee, one on my lap and one standing behind me either hugging me or playing with my hair.
*3-year-old Selvin loves to put his hand on my knee and say “You’re mine, right?, You’re mine right?”
*When they pray they ask God to take care of Mommy Amber who takes care of them and bring her safely back to them.
*The innocent awe and faith in God of the little ones. One day when there was a rainbow in the sky one of the 4-year-olds pointed it out to me by saying “God made that, right”
* Their excitement over little things, like a little wooden wagon one of the directors made for the babies and every kid took turn riding around in.
*Standoffish 11-year-old Mario told me he loved me the other night as I was walking out of his room; Normal for a lot of the kids but a big breakthrough in my friendship with Mario.
*Even after such a rough life, they are willing to share what they have with anyone who asks. One of my favorite things to see is the kids sharing their chips or candy with one of the kids that doesn´t have any.
*When they think no one is watching the older boys are precious with the babies.

Prison Stories

A funny story-
Well one of the guys at the adult prison has decided that I am too old to be without a husband. As we were talking yesterday one young man of 25 asked me why I wasn’t married yet. I told him that people in America wait longer to get married; most of them wait until they graduate from college. To which he asked if I had graduated and I said yes in April. He said that I have had 7 months to get married and asked me again why I wasn’t. I told him I was going to wait a while. He then asked if I would marry a Honduran. I said yes but it was difficult to find a Honduran man my age who didn’t already have children and who was a Christian. This young man is now scouring the gang section of the maximum security prison in Honduras for just such a man. We shall see :) I’m sure this will lead to more humorous stories to share with you.

And a sweet one-Yesterday when we came in there was an 17-year-old boy also coming in. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and he had a bandage on his side on was walking with a limp. After talking to him I learned that he was coming into the prison for the first time yesterday and had been shot twice, once in the side and once in his leg. The clothes he was wearing, a pair of jeans and some ratty tennis shoes, were the only clothes he had. It is winter right now in Honduras and while it’s nothing like back home it is definitely sweater weather. One of the guys in our group said he would bring him some clothes but we don’t come back for a week. I kept an eye on this boy as the other boys were meeting him for the first time. One of the older boys sat down next to him and talked for a little while and then asked, “Don’t you have shirt?” The boy said No that what he had on was all he had. The other boy then said “you’re going to be cold; you can use one of mine until someone brings you something else to wear”. This may seem insignificant to you but it is a rare and touching thing in this environment. It almost made me cry. None of these boys have very much and risking anything by loaning it to someone who is new is unheard of. These boys never cease to surprise me with their openness and love.

Back With My Boys

Hey Guys – Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. I’m now working at the boys’ home 3-4 days a week and I’m pretty busy the rest of the week as well so it’s hard to get to the internet. Things are going wonderfully. Right now I’m fighting some kind of sinus infection and it’s freezing cold so that’s not much fun but other than that I am very very happy. My English classes at the home are going well. The boys are excited about speaking in English and love to practice. I am also having preschool classes with the 8 little ones and I love them. They are precious. I tell them it’s class time and they start chanting “class, class, class” and running up the stairs. I’ve never been involved in anything where I’ve felt so much love and excitement from the people I am working with.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Unique Challenge

Hey There World,
Well I'm finally heading back out to the children's home today and I am soooo excited. I miss my boys. I will now be teaching English and reading to several of the older boys as well as act as a tutor to those that need it. If any of you (especially my dear friend ESL major Ann) have any good ideas for teaching english to kids that can't read please let me know. I've got a few songs in mind and I'm sure things will come to me as I go, but any help will be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you for all your love and support throughout the past couple of weeks. It's been rough and without your love I couldn't have done it. I have a the greatest friends on the planet :) Love Ya!!