Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Who Needs Electricity!

Hey Guys sorry it´s been a while since I last blogged. I´ve been having an amazing week with Meredith, Tiffany, Jack (the dog), and no electricity. The day before Tiffany arrived (last Tuesday) I once again experienced the joy of losing my electricity due to rotted cables under the house. I called up my land lord and she assured me that she would fix it as soon as possible. Well Tiffany arrived on Wednesday and Meredith on Thursday and there was still no hope of the electricity returning anytime soon. Let me point out that in Honduras there is no such thing as calling the electrician company to come out and fix anything. You kind of just have to wait around for some handy man to pass by looking for work who is willing to fix it unless you happen to have an electrician friend. I don´t, and my landlord had run off all electrician friends she once had by failing to pay them appropriately. This caused me quite a bit of stress but we continued on with our week of excitement and nightly candle lightings with much success. I had an exciting spill down the stairs at Cony and Guillermo´s house, leaving me with a sprained foot and several large bruises but not terribly inhibited. We also spent a day at the prison where Tiffany met many new friends and we had a run in with a giant turtle. I also learned that the boys probably aren´t going to be able to have Jack (the dog) and that there is a good chance I´m going to end up with him. We saw a group of American Body Builders break lots of cool things and explode hot water bottles with their breath and we even met some little high school girls that will probably prove to be long time friends. On Sunday we met up with 2 more Americans working here for the summer and headed out to El Mogote and Izopo. That was a long day but a fun one. On Monday we headed up to the national park with the Jesus statue and spend a good portion of the day there just walking around and enjoying the view. All this time we were either eating out or cooking on a little camp stove that I happened to have and holding candle light vigils each night. It proved to be great for conversation, reminiscing, and getting to know each other. Meredith went home yesterday after greatly encouraging me with her presence. God has greatly blessed me with so many wonderful friends and I´m excited about getting to know Tiffany more as we continue to work together for the next 5 weeks. We are still waiting on the electricity and are getting pretty sick of eating out but some guys came by today and said that they would fix the problem tomorrow so here´s to hoping. I love you guys. Thanks for your support. We´re off today to visit my boys from Jovenes and I´m very excited about that.


crittermer said...

Yay! Thanks for a great visit, Amber. I had a blast and am always encouraged to witness the work you are doing. I hope you get electricity SOON! Is Jack feeling any better? Tell Tiffany hi for me and take care.=)

ann said...

Once again Amber proves that she is 1000 times tougher than me. :) You are such a trooper and are the epitome of flexibility. Wish I could have been there to have fun with y'all. Love you very much!