Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My First Honduran Car Accident

I FORGOT TO PUT THIS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LAST POST!!!! Actually everyone take a collective sigh of relief that this was no major thing but still warranted a post by being the first of what will probably be many little runins with taxis and other crazy drivers. So I´m driving along a two lane road the other morning minding my own running late and not terribly patient business when a taxi comes up beside me and instead of waiting to pull in behind me because there is a bus parked in his lane, decides to just drive into the side of me. It was so bizarre. I don´t know if he thought I would jump the median in order to let him in or what but he was coming over despite the fact that my much larger truck was in his way. He then proceeds to get out of his taxi, by climbing over the patrons in his taxi, and tell me all about how he had the right away and it was all my fault. We are at this time completely holding up traffic for miles around because this occured not too far from an intersection. I then tell him all about how it could not possibly be my fault for obvious reasons. We are literally standing in the middle of the highway screaming at each other with people leaning out of their cars and buses to catch a piece of the action. It was insane. Unfortunately I couldn´t go anywhere until the taxi left without doing considerably more damage to both of our vehicles. At this part he starts yelling at me "Entonces!, Entonces!" over and over which basically means "So!,So!" but the 3 syllable word sounds a whole lot more meaningful than poor one syllable "so¨. Finally I look at him and say "So!(Entonces), I´m leaving!" and I hopped back into my truck and locked the door. Fortunately for everyone, including the poor people trapped in the taxi and in the traffic jam, the driver decides to continue on his way, as do I. I now have a long scratch and a medium size dent down the passenger side of my truck but other than that we seem to be doing fine.


ann said...

Amber Dawn Foster! You scared me! Heehee, maybe you should have taken your OC car to Honduras with it's war damage on front, that way everyone would know to get away from you-- you mean business!

crittermer said...

Oh, Amber. Your adventures never cease to amaze me/make me roll on the floor with laughter. That taxi driver obviously did not know who he was messing with! Way to stand up on behalf of all female drivers everywhere! And the mental images I'm getting of all the pigs and teenagers stuffed in the back of those trucks for so long. . .oh, they're priceless! Did Guillermo snag a stalagtite as a souvenir this time? Lol. . .I love that story!

About this time last year, I too was afflicted with an injured car and a dysfunctional computer. So I can emphathize. I will pray that your computer straightens itself out before causing any undue stress. Oh, the joys and trials of technology!

I love you, Amber, and am proud of all the work you're doing for the Kingdom down there!

April Everhart said...

I'm sorry that you had an accident, but I'm glad you are alright and you can hold your own! I hope all else is going well for you.

Misty said...

You yell at people!?!?!

Love you much, Amber, and I'm glad you're well.

Pana Jonathan said...

Entonces, Amber! Que te portes bien! Si no dejas de gritar a hombres en la carretera te vas a meter en mas problemas! Asi que te portes bien, por favor!

De todos modos, temo que ya estes lista para manejar en toda America Latina. Ni tengo yo el coraje de bajar de mi carro y gritar a la gente mas yo soy joven todavia! :) Te quiero mucho y me alegro que estes bien! Cuidate! Dios te bendiga!

ann said...

Oh Amber, my Amber, where have you gone? I need your posts of sacchrine sweetness to tenderize my heart, make me cry, and remind me that there is still good in the world. Come back and blog!
I love you very much and hope you're taking good care of yourself. It's dangerous to write a post about car wrecks then not blog again for a month! What will the masses think? :) By the way, when are you coming home for Christmas?