Sunday, January 29, 2006

New House

I can’t express how excited I am about my new house. Laura and I are sharing this amazing blessing and can’t get enough of it. It is a three bedroom, two bathroom house with an outside maid’s quarters that also has it’s own bath. We have hot water, a garage, and cable. Best of all, there are NO RATS and Electricity!! We actually have furniture in this house and I even bought my own bed. I feel like I finally have a home here instead of just a place to stay. It was so much fun finding furnishing for the house. We ran around town visiting all the cheap furniture stores and finally found a navy blue couch and two chairs for around $250. That was the winner. Since then we’ve added a kitchen table and a couple of rugs. Our goal at the moment is furnishing the guest room which at the moment contains a map waiting to be hung on the wall.


Glenda/Charles Robles said...

I love looking at your blog, you always have different pics than Laura! what a beautiful home and I know that Laura is so glad to be sharing it with you! you are an awesome friend to her and I thank God that you two have each other.
From: her sister Glenda

Laura said...

oh my gosh! you{re alive! i{m so relieved. i{m at the little house internet and i can´t seem to get the apostrophe right. anywho, you just always have to put better pictures in your blog than me! wel, sistah, this is war! blog picture war!
love you too

Beto and Laura Perez Speaks said...

wow. i´m going through your blog from the beginning and it´s so interesting seeing how you started and where you are today. these pictures bring back memories. that was so long ago. can´t believe you´re not in that old house anymore.