Friday, March 05, 2010

An Update on Julio Cesar

It´s been an emotional roller coaster of a week. Yesterday Julio Cesar was released from the hospital and we were pretty sure he was going to get to come home here to recover and then make decisions from there. But before I could get there to pick him up social services got involved and after several hours yesterday sitting in a police station they sent him to a children´s home here because his aunt refused to come down to the office and sign a piece of paper. It was frustrating. The home he´s in is kind of a last stop for kids here and there are some REALLY rough kids there. He´s been there before and he´s pretty scared right now.  There were a lot of heartbreaking tears yesterday when he found out where he was going and then this stoicism that makes me fear for his heart.  I´ve seen too many kids decide to harden their hearts in order to avoid the pain in their lives.  I pray that he is able to keep a tender heart towards God and those that want to help him. I spent a lot of time at the home last night and they were very open to visits.  When I walked in I saw Melvin, a boy I loved dearly when I was at Jovenes en Camino and had since lost track of.  Evidently there are two more boys from Jovenes there and I´m looking forward to building those relationships back up.  As one of the guards was showing me around the facility he was telling me that they sometimes don´t have enough food for the kids and a lot of the kids are barefoot.  As heart wrenching as today was I think it may be God opening another door to service with these hurting kids.  We´re going to see what we can do to help this place out and keep in contact with Julio Cesar. Please keep this precious heart in your prayers. I love you guys.

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