Monday, October 03, 2011


For two weeks now we've been searching high and low for two things:
Fish, which is a hunt with many leads but few successes so far.
and Duckweed.  Evidently Duckweed is a rapidly reproducing magic plant that will provide all the food we need for the fish.
This tiny plant has been alluding us until just a few days ago when we were following a lead on some fish.  We were down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere when all of the sudden Nathan called out, DUCKWEED!!! and jumped out of the car to collect it.

The tiny green things floating in the water were the treasure we had been hunting.

And Nathan climbed through swamp land and over a fence to reach his prize.

Now it is safely back in one of our aquaponics beds and hopefully happily on it's way to reproducing.

Joel is so excited about our farming project he came home the other day with plants for us to plant.
He chose eucalyptus and a shade tree to bring from his grandma's garden to bless our little plot.
These things will probably have to be transplanted at some point but I am so pleased to see them eager to join in this project.

God is already touching hearts and opening up new avenues in the lives of these teens through the garden project.  I can't wait to see what happens as we begin to see vegetables growing in our beds.

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