Friday, April 22, 2005

Cute Jovenes Stories

I have a little 4-year-old friend at Jovenes named Selvin. One of Selvin’s favorite activities is to run around with one of my shirts tied around his neck and say that he is Superman. He is very dark skinned and lots of people on campus call him “chocolate”. The other day Selvin and I were running around together and joking about him being chocolate. I said that I was made of chocolate and he said “No, I’m chocolate you are vanilla.” It was really cute.

Another day I was sitting with Selvin and we were watching a storm come in over the mountains and talking about God watering the earth (and the trucks J). We started talking about Heaven and Selvin said that there are two men in Heaven. I was expecting him to say God and Jesus, but when I asked who he said, “God, and the man that drives his car.” I cracked up. Here it is very common for prestigious people to have a driver and Selvin obviously thought that God would have someone to drive his car.

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crittermer said...

Yay, Amber! I'm so glad your blog is back. I love your little anecdotes!