Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Los Chinos????

Oh the Chinese in Honduras. You rarely see them but if you need something unusual, they are where you go. Yesterday was the latest of many times I haven’t been able to find something and I’m met with “The Chinese, you need to see the Chinese people.” It has begun to really crack me up. These “Chinese people” are never referenced with a location only “Los Chinos”. I have a very large rat problem that has developed rather quickly in my house. I had the problem last year and evidently the change in the weather has brought them back with a vengeance. Yesterday Henry, the husband of my cleaning lady and best friend, came to fill in the rat holes, primarily the giant one under the sink in the kitchen, with cement. I had been several times to several stores to buy rat poison and everywhere I went they were out. When Henry asked me if I had bought the poison I told him this and all he said was, “Los Chinos.” He looked at Xiomara, my friend, and she said, “I went yesterday and they will bring it tomorrow.” LOL It is this underground item retrieval system or something. I know that when we wanted fireworks for the fourth of July we went to “Los Chinos” and later found out the fireworks we bought were illegal. I’m sure that the Chinese people here are wonderful and that the majority of them are not in the market of unattainable items but my experience so far has proven to be interesting.
Disclaimer: for those of you who don’t know me very well I spent my college career volunteering in English classes for, tutoring, and living with Asian girls. I loved each of them very much and have nothing against the Asian culture. I just find this amusing.


hollysuzanne said...

Los Chinos in Honduras do seem to be some interesting type of subculture. I think it is best to just leave it at that!

Anonymous said...

lo que yo queria, gracias