Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Year's Best Purchases!!

Okay so this might not be the most interesting post either but I must share my excitement over the little thing so that you can really get a feel of Honduran culture. First I must explain that all mops in existance in Honduras are of the High School Janitor with a big mop ringing bucket variety. However, there are no big mop ringing buckets. That means that in order to mop in Honduras one must frequently touch the filthy nasty mop head with one's hands. I'm sorry but I just didn't exactly want to jump onto that little boat so there has been very little (aka none) mopping going on in my apartment since I moved in last month. You will be relieved to learn that my house was mopped once a week by someone other than me, namely Xiomara my lovely and recently engaged housekeeper. Back to the mop and the reason for this post - so for pretty much the whole time I've lived in Honduras I've been on the lookout for a mop that was in some way self ringing. Yesterday I round the corner in the giant Home Depot type store called Larasch & Cia and what do I see (Insert the angel choir singing) a self ringing mop head. So I grab my trophy and do a victory lap around the store (not really but I thought about it). This mop really is nothing special but is now one of my favorite possessions because after a cleaning marathon last night my apartment is finally really clean.
On to amazing purchase number 2. For the entirety of the rainy season (since about May) I have been sweeping out gallon after gallon of water out of out church classrooms due to leaky roofing and the fact that the roof of the classrooms and the roof of the church building don't quite meet over the hallway in between. Thanks to a valient effort from one Mark Thurman, we have semblance of a gutter between the two but unfortunately any wind just blows the rain completely over the gutter and into the building anyway. The gutter is greatly appreciated but ideas for a replacement are in the works (sorry mark :) ). Anyway, add to this water sweeping, wet cement sweeping that goes along with stuccoing the walls and you have some serious sweeping going on. Up until yesterday this was occuring with two 300 year old kitchen brooms. Not the most effective of tools is an understatement. So yesterday along with my discovery of the amazing mop I also discovered industrial size push brooms. Yay!!! Today the sweeping took about half the time and effort. I am rather pleased with my purchases and I'm sure you will all get a kick out of the fact that I spent the last 15 minutes of my life writing about a mop and broom and then you will realize that you spent the last 10 minutes of your life reading about a mop and broom. Isn't life intriguing? lol Love you guys. I thought we could use a bit of a break from the heavy blog entries but I have another heavy one in mind soon I promise.


ann said...

Finally an Amber blog that didn't make me cry. :) But I totally appreciate not being able to find stuff in foreign places that you can find so easily in the US, so I share your joy!

md.T said...

I created an account just so I could comment to you. Sorry to hear about the unusefulness of the gutter, but atleast I tried.