Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Better Day

Hello again my friends. Thank you for your prayers. Once I got over being scared last night I had a wonderful time. I had two roomies, one of which left today and the other tomorrow, who are both very nice people. Both of them are single women, one from Holland and the other from California, traveling on their own. They made me feel a little better about my 3 day stay when they were finishing and beginning 3 months of travel themselves. Today I spent about 4 hours walking around San Jose (the capitol city, NOT the beach, contrary to popular belief) and checking out museums. There are at least 7 musuems here in the city and I visited 3 of them. I also visited several of the city parks which are absolutely gorgeous here. They are so clean and there are fountains and huge trees everywhere. That was my favorite part of the day, just relaxing next to a fountain and deciding where I wanted to head next. I planned on visiting the National Museum after lunch but that led to another adventure. I stopped and asked a taxi if there was a mall nearby with a food court (sadly I am not an adventurous eater) and he said sure, 45 minutes later we arrive at a mall completely on the other side of town. I have to say it was a very, very nice mall but really I didn't need to drive 45 minutes for some lunch. Wanting to get my money's worth out of the taxi ride I decided to hang around and catch an early movie. I was excited to see Papa John's pizza in the mall (they don't have it in Honduras, they also had taco bell but I'm not a huge fan) so after lunch I wandered around for a hour and then saw the Illusionist at half price on Wednesdays. Yippee! Half price is always exciting. The movie was entertaining and helped use up the afternoon. Afterwards I bought some snacks and headed home. Now I'm watching some tv with my fellow hostel-ites and checking up on my email. Tomorrow is definitely going to be an adventure. I'm going on an 11 hour tour of a coffee plantation, a volcano, waterfalls, rainforests, a river ride (with monkeys and crocodiles) and a drive through a national park. I'm sure to be exhausted tomorrow night (we leave at 6:40) but I will try and let you all know how it goes. I love you so much. Talk to you soon.

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