Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Costa Rica!

Hey Guys! Im renewing my visa in Costa Rica. I must say this is a little intimidating to me. I know I live alone in a third world country but this is the first time Ive really traveled alone. Im hoping to get some research done for the May in LA program at OC and of course do some relaxing. I just checked into a $10 a night hostel that is actually really nice. My only issue is feeling a little out of place with all the beautiful free spirited Californians roaming around here. They have free internet here and Im going to have some free time so Ill try to keep you updated on my adventures. I head back home on Friday. I got here 2 hours ago and I already miss my boys. I would love some emails and your prayers as Im feeling a little overwhelmed by this whole experience. Im sure I will leave unscathed and with another country under my belt. You guys are great. I love you so much!

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crittermer said...

Awwhhh, Amber that sounds so beautiful and wonderful! I just love cheap foreign hostels.=) I wish I were there with you. But remember: unless you squish a spider the size of your head, have an almost-encounter with the mafia, and get caught in a major sea storm out at sea, you will not have matched the Adventure of '04.

I understand how you would feel lonely and miss your boys, though. I'll be praying for you to have some good down time and to feel rejuvinated. You are wonderful!