Sunday, May 24, 2009

Recent Visitors

Hi Friends!

I apologize for the fact that this is beyond late.  It’s hard to believe another month has rolled by and the summer time is here.  Our groups are starting to roll in.  We just finished with the second group of 23 that we have this summer.  It’s always fun to continue old friendships and meet new people. 


At the end of April we had lots of visitors.  Laura, Beto and baby Santiago came to stay with us for a couple of weeks while they worked on getting Santiago’s American passport.  It proved to be much more difficult than expected and they are still in the process but it was a wonderful visit.  The boys and I are both completely enamored with Santiago and Laura and Beto are pretty good friends too J.  Rachel’s parents, Mike and Anthea Wrinkle, also came to visit for a week.  It was neat to get to know the family Rachel came from and show off our work to new people.   I know it was a great encouragement to Rachel to have them here.  And right now in May, Baxter is hosting 2 VCOM students doing their rotation at the clinic.  Bonnie and Kim have been here before and we’re enjoying continuing our friendship. 


Last week we had a group of 35 VCOM med students come and serve the poor communities around Tegucigalpa.  It is always fun to watch these students transform from 1st year med students to practicing doctors throughout the week.  Each team is supervised by a doctor and sees their own patients.  Their level of confidence and knowledge grows exponentially throughout the week.   All together I believe they saw over 600 patients. 

Sunshine Church of Christ

This past week we hosted Sunshine Church of Christ from Ohio.  This group of 11 is a joy to work with.  They built 3 houses, worked with the homeless population, left money for food bags, worked on the kitchen construction, visited the dump, and the special needs orphanage.  Jamie Riley, the leader of this group, fondly called them “a ragtag bunch of weirdo’s being used by God”.  They were definitely a diverse group and absolutely served God this week.  I was blown away by their dedication to develop relationships and touch lives instead of just “doing”. They were a prime example of not just doing God’s work but being God’s hands. 

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