Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Hmmm…Interesting Development

Well while I can’t seem to attract a male species close to my age it seems to be noo problem for me to attract those that could be my father. A few of you know about a certain someone in his thirties who decided he liked me before I left to come here. I only wish my new admirer had half the subtlety of that someone. There is a man here that works at the clinic with me and last week said “Hey, you should have dinner with us sometime” not knowing that this man was even single let alone that this was a date invitation (dinner invitations are very very common here, but actually occur) I said “sure, whenever”. I later learned that he was single and while I hear that he has a daughter I’ve yet to see or hear proof of her existence. Soooo….Sunday I am in Izopo (way up in the mountains) when my cell phone rings. It’s a mutual friend asking me to call this guy because his phone doesn’t call cell phones. I say that I’ll call later after church and go on with my day. Realizing at this point that something is probably going on I pretty much “forget” to call him. Later that night someone shows up at my door (which has a doorbell but it is pretty well hidden and only my friends know about it) and keeps knocking on it. Because it is after dark and this is obviously not a friend because he doesn’t know where my bell is, I don’t answer the door. I do however look out the window. I can only see the body of the person at my gate due to the hedges that are in a desperate need of a trimming but I am fairly certain that it was this man. Thinking oh great some 30 something year old guy likes me I head off to work today to make sure it wasn’t another friend that came by the house. I ask my friend and he confirms that yes it was probably “Jim-Bob”(alias), the “30 something year old” who, come to find out, is actually 43, that’s right 43. And he definitely likes me. When he called my friend to have him call me, he told him that we were supposed to go on a date Saturday night (news to me) and he was calling to apologize for not showing up. What in the world!!! This is craziness. I don’t want any of you to worry. This is not a dangerous man and is really a form of much entertainment between one of my girl friends and I here. I will keep you updated on any new developments and I hope that this will just go away, of if I were only so lucky.


Cool Guy said...

Amber used to stalk me. That is part of the reason why she had to move to Honderus. That and to help people.

crittermer said...

Vince has come to Honduras!!!!!!!!!