Wednesday, October 20, 2004

My Midget

Short addition to my list of boy’s at the children’s home stories. I wanted to tell you all about my little midget. There is a nine-year-old at the home that is adorable. He is a short little guy and one night as I was kissing and hugging all the boys before bed I called Marlon “Mi Enano” which in Spanish means “my midget”. He cracked up and now every time he sees me he says “what’s my name?” and I say “mi enano”. It is adorable. The other day I was talking to a friend at the home on the phone and she put Marlon on. I wasn’t sure which of the kids I was talking to so I asked who it was and he said “It’s your midget” so I said “Hi my midget” and he started dying laughing. The kids give me so many little blessings like this that brighten my day. I think this story lost a lot in the telling but I promised to share my little stories and that’s what I’m trying to do J. I love you guys.

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