Sunday, November 14, 2004

Just A Few Reasons...

Why I love my boys
*They run to give me hugs screaming Mommy Amber Mommy Amber every time we see each other after being apart.
*They learned how to say “sit here please” in English just so they could ask me to sit with them at meal times.
*They find ways to sit next to me at movie time even when there is no room. I usually have one with a head on each knee, one on my lap and one standing behind me either hugging me or playing with my hair.
*3-year-old Selvin loves to put his hand on my knee and say “You’re mine, right?, You’re mine right?”
*When they pray they ask God to take care of Mommy Amber who takes care of them and bring her safely back to them.
*The innocent awe and faith in God of the little ones. One day when there was a rainbow in the sky one of the 4-year-olds pointed it out to me by saying “God made that, right”
* Their excitement over little things, like a little wooden wagon one of the directors made for the babies and every kid took turn riding around in.
*Standoffish 11-year-old Mario told me he loved me the other night as I was walking out of his room; Normal for a lot of the kids but a big breakthrough in my friendship with Mario.
*Even after such a rough life, they are willing to share what they have with anyone who asks. One of my favorite things to see is the kids sharing their chips or candy with one of the kids that doesn´t have any.
*When they think no one is watching the older boys are precious with the babies.


jettybetty said...

Your stories are so touching (sob,sob). I am so thankful you are there doing what you are doing! You are in my prayers!

ann said...

Your blog always makes me cry! :') I love you so much, Amber!!!!

Pana Jonathan said...

Amber, mi querida Amber,

You are doing such a good work in Honduras! May God richly bless you as you faithfully serve Him. Thank you so much for your reports and writings on your blog. They are an inspiration to me and to others! Everyone at the Lighthouse sends you their greetings, especially Marta. She asks about you a lot! You really made an impact on her! We often mention your name in our adult Bible class! We are praying for you! Keep up the good work! Que sigas pa'lante! God bless you! Dios te bendiga mi querida hermana,