Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Sorry I´ve been remiss in writing for awhile. The electricity in my house is out indefinitely which prevents me from writing posts at home and then bringing them in to upload. Last Sunday I had 4-year-old Julia spend the night with me and it was so much fun. Because of the lack of electricity we had to be a little bit inventive as far as activities go. So we decided to go out for lunch and eat pizza and play in the little playpark in pizza hut. A common experience at home but here something she talked about all day until we decided to go to the carnival. Now that was an experience. It is just a bunch of mechanical rides like you would find at a state fair all together near the grocery store behind my house. When they began this process I definitely was not anticipating the grand affair that it became. There are two giant roller coasters that went up literally over night. I have to admit I¨m a bit hesitant to get on them but I have seen inspectors looking over the rides during the day so that´s a good sign. Anyway, So Julia and I decide to brave the massive crowds of people and join the fun. First of all, entry to this place is one ticket which costs 5 L. Well me being the planner that I am buy 50 L. worth of tickets so that we won´t have to wait in line to buy tickets when we get inside. We pay our tickets go in look around and decide to ride the little worm kiddiecoaster that has the longest line in the park. There are an indescribable number of people in this place. You literally have to shove your way through to get anywhere. We wait in line for about 20 minutes and then arrive, finally at the worm. The ticket man takes one look at my tickets and says no sorry you need gray tickets, unfornately I had bought 10 pink entry tickets that could not be used for anything. So we go and buy tickets for the worm and learn that there is a different color ticket for every ride. Talk about insanity. So we finally ride the ride and have lots of fun and continue on our way encountering many other people who have made the ticket blunder and trading around tickets as we go. We arrive at a little ride that has the kids circuling in the air in little elephants and cars and such and I put Julia in and step back to watch. I watch a mother place her child, about Julia´s age, crying into one of the cars and then place one of his little friends in with him. She then tells the friend to hold the kid into the car. This poor kid is scared to death and his little friend has a vice grip around his neck. The mom just stands back and yells encouragement until the ride starts and the kids take off. The little boy finally calms down but the friend keeps his hold until the ride is over. It was a little sad but at the same time one of the funniest things I have ever seen. The little friend´s face was priceless. Well that´s about it for now. thanks for reading.

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