Monday, March 07, 2011

Belpre Group 1

We have been blessed this week with having one of Called and Compelled's (David and Jenn's) teams here working with our ministry.  Yesterday I did a fairly poor job documenting them hard at work but I greatly appreciate what they are doing.   
Dayana "swimming" in the fountain we cleaned out and filled with water

All of the kids LOVED their "swimming pool"

Dayana enjoying dinner after church

Jenn looking over all of their hard work

They planted flowers all around the building

It looks so nice.  They did a great job picking out a selection then protecting them with mulch.  Talanga is really excited about taking care of the plants.

Surveying their handywork

All of the flower beds down below.  
They are also working on the lighting upstairs and putting in a sink in the kitchen.  I'm going to do my best to get some better pictures of them and their work before the week is out. 

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Aileen T said...

Amber, thank God for Talanga making his choice to follow God....he will be hopefully a big help to you....and the group from Belpre have done a wonderful job of landscaping.....beautiful surroundings makes everyone feel better....and all in the name of our God.