Monday, March 07, 2011

Fun Visitors

This past week we were blessed to have two young guys from Pepperdine share their spring break with us.  They quickly became part of the family and we were all sad to see them go yesterday.  
They brought along a carseat for Rosie, chocolates for all of us, and lots of newborn diapers and wipes for our ministry.  
While they were here they helped out with our day-to-day stuff, visited the dump, worked on the wiring at the building, cleaned out our bodega, built us a shelf and built me a dinner table!  It was a busy week.
Rosie and Brendan 
He was a great babysitter :) and a lot of fun to be around.
Oh Simon! I feel like he's my little brother.  
Such a mess but an absolute joy to spend time with.  
This is he and Rosie's "construction attire"
Rosie really misses both the boys and keeps asking for them.
My new table!!!
 I was very impressed with their work, now we just need to build some benches :)

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