Saturday, May 28, 2005

Bible Study

Last Thursday I started a Bible study with some of the new women at church. I was very nervous about this because I have never really done anything like this before especially with adults. We announced it at church and immediately 2 ladies who had only been there once before expressed their interest. This was very encouraging to me. Thursday I arrived and per usual in Honduras the 9 o´clock bible study started at 10, but other than that everything went wonderfully. The study involves a lot of talking and feedback and I was a little worried about sitting in silence, but they were great. They really got involved and are excited about our next study next week. Afterwards I headed over to Xiomara´s house on the other side of the mountain and we went to visit her sister in law. We were there for a while and then we asked her if she wanted to do the study and she said yes. So I did the study again there and about half way through Xiomara´s brother in law showed up and he stayed as well. This study went a little more slowly because they were more hesitant to talk but still it was great and they both said they would love to study again next week. I´ve been going crazy at home and God has provided me this opportunity to get out into the community again and share the gospel with some great people. I am so blessed to be able to see God working so plainly in my life.

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