Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A New Friend

About a month ago I was hanging out with my good friend Xiomara behind my house while she was washing the clothes (an activity she loves and I find impossible). I ventured into the little "maid´s room" that is out there, and that I am afraid to go into by myself, for some unknown reason. Upon entering I saw a grocery sack in the corner and decided to check it out. I had been in this room occasionally before and the grocery sack was new. Inside the grocery sack were several old bandanas (sp?). Nothing too creepy about that except that they are in the scary room and have no reason to be there. So I come running out with my normally overdramatic exuberance and shout at Xiomara, "Look!! Someone´s living in the scary room." Mind you this would require some pretty major acrobatics by a very thin person to even get into the room, but still my mind will do as it wishes. She laughed and stated the obvious about the near imposibility of someone getting into the room and also the large quantities of people (especially children) that come and go from my house and could easily have left the bag there. So that was that and the stranger in the scary room became a great joke between us. It also become the subject of many interesting dreams, not scary just interesting, that Xiomara found hilarious. The owner of the bag still has not been found, but 3 or 4 nights ago I found a very adorable little cat leaving the room. She sleeps there at night and quite enjoys the milk and cat food I´ve begun leaving her but won´t let me anywhere near her. Slowly she is letting me see more and more of her and I`m hoping that soon we will become friends. She has already decided that she really likes to watch tv (my kind of cat) and crawls between the bars on my front windows to watch every night. I´ve named her Bianca because Blanca (the spanish word for white) seemed a little too obvious. Maybe I´m crazy but I´ve fallen in love with this shy little kitty.

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