Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Visit with my boys

Hey Guys,
I just got back from visiting my boys for the first time since I left Jovenes. I had talked to them a few times on the phone but this was the first visit. They had their monthly visit with their parents and so they were in town and I just went over to IHNFA (basically the honduran dept of family services). It was wonderful. It was so good to see the boys. They are growing but are still the same great kids that I grew to love. There are now 10 more and I made friends with a couple of the new boys as well. It was hard answering questions about when I´m coming back because there is really no answer to that question. I made plans with a couple of the people that work at Jovenes to have dinner next week and I¨m already looking forward to that. God has blessed me with so many great relationships from my stay at Jovenes. Today also showed me that I really do have a talent for working with children and I truly do believe that is where God wants me. Sometimes it is hard for me to stay on track and I´ve become very good at doubting myself but God knows what I need and he provides it. Isn´t it wonderful that as Christians we have someone who knows better than we do what we need? That is unfathomable to me. God recognizes my problems and works at fixes them before I even realize I have them. That´s an awesome thing. I encourage each of you to take some time and think about how God is working in your life right at this moment. Whether you are feeling thrilled, devastated, or floating along in the middle God is there and he´s working in your life. I love you guys. You are amazing. Email me.


michele MD said...

Hey Amber,

I ran across your blog again through Mer. Sounds like God is using you in great ways. I won't be coming back there anytime soon, but I think about everyone there alot. I hope God blesses you with a wonderful summer!

ann said...

Dear Amba-
Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you. I always look forward to reading your blogs and hearing your stories. Wish I could come back to visit again this summer. One day! :)
Love you very much!