Monday, February 27, 2006

Purse Theft

Well I was going to blog this story but I´m out of time and it really isn´t that big of a deal. To make a long story short whilst driving by the national stadium with my passenger side window open (stupid rookie mistake) I slowed down to merge into traffic and a very charming young man took it upon himself to jump through said window and steal my purse, taking with him my drivers license, ATM card, cell phone, digital camera, and phase 10 cards. This has made for a difficult month financially, with a lot of borrowing from my wonderful roommate. But all is well in wonderland. Dudley comes in a couple of weeks and hopefully will be carrying with him my new ATM card. The drivers license will be replaced by a green piece of paper given to me by the police until I can return home and get another one. So on the whole, no harm no foul.


Holly said...

Oh that is awful...but how many ATM cards does this make?

Amber said...

LOL you´re telling me! It was very awful but I´m over it now. This will be the third time I´ve had to have a new one here. But...only one of those times was because I lost it. The other 2 it has been stolen.

Pana Jonathan said...

You're not a rookie anymore! Way to have a good attitude! I'm proud of ya! Thanks for not giving gringos a bad name! I hope you're doing well!

Would you consider coming to Venezuela on one of your visal renewal trips?! ;) Talk to you later!