Monday, February 27, 2006


I was blessed by a wonderful trip to Roatan last week with my roommate and her boyfriend Beto. We had a wonderful time. Roatan truly is the closest thing to Paradise I have ever seen. Laura´s mother was visiting on a cruise ship and flew us out to see her. The first day we spent visiting with her and seeing the sites and the second day we spent snorkeling. The ocean is so beautiful and we came home exhausted but at the same time refreshed by the break. The pictures are of the place we stayed, the ocean (obviously) and a great italian restaraunt where we had lunch one day.


nancy said...

Hey Amber: Great newsletter and great blogspot . .Love the pictures .What beautiful places. .and looks like a fun birthday party. What an inspiration you are!!!
love's prayers, Nancy H.

Holly said...

Oh good for you that you got to go again! I am so jealous, it looks really warm and beautiful!

crittermer said...

Hey Amber! It looks gorgeous. Rock on! Sorry to hear about your purse. Eek.=) love, mer

Laura said...

It sure has been awhile since you blogged. I wonder what you´ve been up to! Let us know, I´m dying to find out! P.S. Your hair looks cute today. let´s get out of this cafe! estoy moriendo de hamber, er, hambre!
love youuuuuuuuu!

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ann said...

Where is my Amber? I know you're crazy busy. But I miss ya. :( Please send me your address! Your birthday box still sits here looking at me sadly. :)

Erin Christine Keckley said...

Amber! How in the world am i just finding your blog? craziness! i so hope you are doing well. i can't wait to see you and laura and hang out this fall. i am coming july 18. love ya! Dios le bendiga!