Monday, February 27, 2006

Birthday Party!!

Laura and I had a wonderful birthday party for a couple of kids celebrating
birthdays in El Mogote. Complete with Piñata, party hats, and cupcakes. We even had macaroni and hotdogs for lunch. Talk about a meal of champions. The kids had a blast and I love watching their little faces light up. I wish that each of you could come and share this time with me. It is such a blessing. Mom if you happen to be reading this, the little girl in the red dress is wearing Hailey's dress and it has become her special party outfit. She is so cute. The first picture is of the kids screaming at the monkey that lives across the street from the park by our house. They were really excited about seeing our friend "Poncho" the monkey. Sadly I have no pictures of him at this time.

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