Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

On Friday, the Shine! kids didn´t have much homework at all so we decided to take them down to the river and just have some fun there.  It was a blast.  We made a little biosphere in a bottle for a bunch of snails and tadpoles and we´re hoping to grow frogs (´we´ll see how that goes :) ).  Here are some pics from that day.  I had a hard time picking my favorites and there are more on facebook. 
Look at all the minnows!

Tadpole hunting with Alli

Off on an adventure with Mackenzie

Jose contemplating life over a mini can of Pepsi

Escarleth, I have a thing for reflections in the water!

Escarleth and Dayana

Too Cute!

"Jose, look up!"

Claudy HATES to have her picture taken, this was her attempt at being happy about it.


Some serious tadpole hunting

Best Friends

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Jeanette said...

urgh, its still snowing and such around hereh... looking at this pictures makes me feel freezing, even though its not!! haha