Monday, February 22, 2010

So Far Today...

Okay, I know I owe you guys a blog about my sleepover, and it´s coming, probably tonight, but today has been quite a day already so I thought I´d share some of the insanity and maybe make you laugh.

So this morning I wake up at 6:00 am to take my dear child to school for the first day of the year. "Mom, no one wears their uniform the first week of classes, everyone wears regular clothes".  Okay, I don´t want to be the mom that makes her kid be the dork at school so "Okay, honey wear your favorite jeans with the giant hole in the leg and your soccer jersey, no problem, your hair that is too long for school standards is just fine too".
So we pull up and the first thing I notice, NO ONE is in regular clothes.  There are teachers at the door inspecting uniforms and hair length.  If you don´t pass you don´t get in. 
So up we come to the door and the teachers say, "Hey Darwin where have you been, we´ve been wondering about you." Of course he walks right in because he´s with his mom and I sit down outside the office to wait for the principal to pay the enrollment fee.  I have to admit I feel a bit like a failure as a parent as this point as I watch my child wander through all the perfectly dress students in his snazziest street outfit (luckily he hadn´t decided to wear his bright orange sequined tiger shirt, but that´s a blog for another day).
So then the principal comes in and we sit down and talk and low and behold, school started on the 11TH!!! That´s why everyone is in their perfect school uniforms.  Darwin had come by in January and the counselor had told him around the 20th so he told me the 20th, the 20th was Saturday so today the 22nd was the next logical day for class to start.  So after yelling at Darwin for a while and being assured that he hadn´t missed anything he couldn´t make up I brought him home to get his haircut and his school shoes so that he can go to school in his perfect little uniform tomorrow.  Now I really feel like a failure as a parent, but what are you going to do.  Luckily I do live in Honduras and everyone just laughs it off and says its no big deal.

So I come home and sleep a while longer (sidenote: I think I´m getting bronchitis so my energy level is extremely low) then we head off to buy Darwin´s shoes and some groceries.  Shoe shopping went great, grocery shopping went great, then we went to check out with our giant shopping cart full of groceries.  The girls decided to run back and get salad dressing and Darwin went to show them the way, leaving me alone in the grocery line. Cue ominous music.  So as I mentioned earlier, my energy level is low, my throat hurts, and I´ve been beebopping around the grocery store for over an hour.  I´m tired.  So I decide that while the people in front of me are checking out I´m going to sit down in the opposite lanes checker seat (which is empty),  Bear in mind this is a GIANT walmart style grocery store with about 30 checker lanes.  Mercifully most of them were empty.  So as I sit my large self down upon this metal barstool type seat it proceeds to very loudly explode into 100 pieces causing everyone in a 7 mile radius to turn and look as I tumble to the floor.  No injury except my pride, and the poor chair, but they both took pretty big hits.  God must be working on humbling me today.

Then this afternoon I got an email with a donation for two nights of feeding with Breaking Chains FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!!!! That, my friends, is awesome and a huge boost to a sometimes wavering faith in the future of this ministry.  God definitely blessed today.

And finally so far, as I´m cooking for the homeless ministry tonight, I was cleaning up the kitchen and gettting ready to throw out some old limes that just aren´t going to get used here.  As I started throwing them in the trash I thought "hey, wait a minute, the homeless people love limes!" So I whisk the few that made it into the trash, out (I know, gross, seriously, it´s not that bad) rinse them all off and proceed to slice them up for my friends.  Again cue the ominous music.  I don´t even make it through the first lime when I slice my finger quite nicely and decide to leave the kitchen for a while and relax.  It wasn´t quite a repeat of cutting open the lice shampoo packets (I didn´t have to lay down on the floor this time) but it hurt pretty bad.  I¨m a total pansy when it comes to pain so here I sit typing out the blog of the crazy day so far with a bloody red bandaid on my finger and a smile upon my face.  It appears that I will always be clumsy no matter how old I get. 

So thanks for taking a minute to read about my craziness.  I love you guys.  If anything crazy happens tonight I will let you know and hopefully I´ll have a blog post on the sleepover for you soon. 


ann said...

Hahahaha, oh bless your heart! :) But thank you for sharing- I was howling laughing on an otherwise dreary day. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Amber~~~ You need to delegate more. Write the list and leave it with 'the kids'. Drop them off at the store and pick them up later. Take naps when you can. Please take care of yourself. And Yes, God is great! I LOVE when prayers are answered so quickly and Hugely! All we have to do is ask!We appreciate you! Hugs. Love, Dawn

Jamie S said...

Enjoyed laughing out loud at your expense but I prefer laughing WITH you! Hope we get to do that soon!

OK Chick said...

HAHA! Oh Amber I feel for you. It sounds like you've had quite the day. I hope tomorrow is better, but know that you put a smile on my face today. :) We all have days like yours.

sylvia nutting said...

love you take care

Jeanette said...

so hilarious, except not of course but really!