Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some New Kids at Church

Recently a couple of new families have started coming to church, so I have some new kids in my Bible class.  I´d like to take a little bit of time to introduce you to these precious kids.

This little boy who I think is named Luis and his sister (who didn´t want her picture taken) come regularly.  They are very quiet and I don´t know much about them but they are very well behaved.
This is Braysi. She is an absolute sweetheart. That grin is on her face constantly.
The little boy in the middle is Levi, he is Braysi´s brother and a little clown.  I ALWAYS forget his name and he just rolls his eyes and laughs and tells me again. 
And finally there is Wilmer, last night was Wilmer´s first night.  He and his family came with Braysi and Levi´s family.  Wilmer has some physical handicap, possible Cerebral Palsy, but he was great in class.  I was a little bit worried about him in a class full of 30 other rowdy kids but he did great.  And after class he came up and gave me a big hug.  Special needs kids have a special place in my heart and I hope that I´m going to be seeing more of Wilmer and his sweet mama.

I also wanted to share with you this story about Katy.  Katy has been coming for over a year now, but she has a sweet story.  Katy and two other little girls live about a block down the mountain from the church.  This picture doesn´t show it well but they are tiny tiny little girls and Katy is the oldest.  These three girls just took it upon themselves one day to come to church and have been coming ever since.  I´ve never seen an adult with them and they rarely miss a service.  They are always well behaved, clean, and participate in class.  Katy just turned 8 and has started coming to my class.  I would guess the other two girls are 6 or 7 but I´m not positive.  I´m just so impressed by their desire to learn more about God without the prompting of an adult.  They also occasionally bring their tiny little brother but he usually wants to go home early.  On those days one of them will sweetly come up to me in the middle of church and whisper in my ear asking if they can take him home and come right back, and they always do. 

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