Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bologna Sandwiches and a Gift

Yesterday between Shine! and receiving a large donation of toiletries and toys for the homeless ministry, Darwin and I both forgot to pick up the pots and pans from the building in order to cook for the homeless feeding.  After a short moment of panic we decided to pick up stuff to make bologna sandwiches.  
I really expected everyone to be disappointed and possibly even angry about their sandwiches, they are pretty set on their rice and beans.  But everyone was EXCITED.  It was so neat to watch them grin from ear to ear as they ate their sandwiches.  It looks like we'll be adding bologna sandwiches to our dinner repertoire.
Sorry about the pic, it took me literally 28 tries to get this one of my own wrist :)
Last night as we were frantically putting together bologna sandwiches Hector grabbed my wrist.  My first reaction was frustration.  I didn't have time to stop making sandwiches!  Then I realized he was tying this bracelet on my wrist.  When he was finished he lifted up his arm, showed me a bracelet he had and said "Look, I carry Alli with me and now I go with you."
Alli is one of my interns that recently returned home and is much missed by our homeless friends.  The love of these simple people means so much to us all.  It means so much that we are finding our way into their hearts and hopefully showing them a much greater Love.

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Beto, Laura, and Santiago Perez said...

i thought it was a picture of you petting your banana tree