Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Day of Relaxation and Shine! Kids

I'm going to do my best to keep you guys posted daily so that hopefully I get at least a few posts a week in.  So get ready for lots of picture blogs.  I'm also going to try and put in some catch up blogs periodically about things that have happened since I stopped blogging.

Rosie thoroughly enjoying Darwin's Ramen noodle lunch
Today I spent most of the day resting and trying to recover from a bout of strep throat that is rearing it's ugly head.  Darwin was a big help today and ran errands with Rosie most of the morning.
This afternoon was our first tutoring session for Shine! for the year.  Dyana was sick today so I only had 3 kids but we had a great afternoon.
We quickly finished the little homework they had on nouns and verbs and then spent some time practicing reading in Spanish.  
We also started a longer book in English that I will read a little bit of every day to strengthen their reading comprehension.

Rosie likes reading too :)
We ended the afternoon with a quick trip to the park before the rain set in.  It's exciting to watch their potential grow.

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M said...

A few things-- first, the shine kids are HUGE!! They are getting so old! I miss them so much. Second, Rosie is absolutely the most beautiful little baby, and I love her already. Finally, Leighton says to tell you to email him back.:)
Love you- so glad you are back to blogging!!!