Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jose's Shakespearian Book Report

This past week has been completely consumed with book reports for the Shine! kids.   Courtney and I have been working on book reports from sun up to sun down and finally today (thursday) we've got them all finished. Each quarter (for those math whizzes out there, that's 4 yes FOUR times a year) the kids have major book reports in Spanish and in English (different books).  The kids write their rough drafts but the parents i.e. Courtney and I, write the final reports, make the posters, and come up with class activities.  It's a fairly major project.  However, it's really neat to watch their little faces light up with pride once they've finished.

All of the kids read books from The Magic Tree House series.  Jose's was called Stage Fright on a Summer Night.  I think he probably did the best at comprehending all of what he read, which is exciting.  He also became my walking thesaurus as I translated their stories into Spanish for them.  That kid can come up with just about any word I'm looking for with just a few clues.  Here are a few pictures of his presentation.
The kids have to read the whole book report in front of the class

 The kids made acting masks for their activity.  
Escarleth working on her mask

Jose with the example mask

All of the kids with their masks

Here is Jose's actual presentation, afterwards all the kids ask questions but I don't have that on video.  
Jose was the first one to go and did a great job as the "guinea pig".

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Cindy said...

Amber that is adorable!!! Tell Jose we said great job!!