Friday, October 15, 2010

A Kite Flying Afternoon

We found some donated kites in a closet at my house and decided to have a fun day with the Shine! kids.
Fridays are usually no homework days and we enjoy getting to watch them getting active outside.
This is a video of them getting set up.  
Of all the videos I'm about to post it probably has the most action and narration.

My girls all headed to the park to fly kites.

Escarleth is adorable.  Dayana was struggling to keep her kite up.

Jose started out pretty good.  He had a "run as hard as you can despite what you smack into" strategy.

Getting ready for round two

LOL Darwin threw Claudy's over a pole so that it would stay up.  
Her kite got the most flight time of anyone's.

I love this shot!

All four kids and their kites.

The kite doctor.  None of the kites lasted very long without some repairs.

Jose managed to trip on or destroy 2 1/2 kites.  
He was feeling a little frustrated towards the end but we just kept taking turns.

Most of the kite "flying" consisted of them running as fast as they could with the kite a short distance behind them.

Courtney tries to revive Jose's kite.  We ended up taking parts of Escarleth's broken kite and parts of Jose's broken kite and making one working kite for them to share.

Darwin tries to revive Jose's kite

Despite some technical difficulties the kids LOVED their first kite flying experience.

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