Monday, October 04, 2010

Dia Del Indio

Last Friday the Shine! kids celebrated Dia Del Indio, or Day of the Indian.  It's a day to celebrate their heritage and eat some delicious food.
The kids all brought different cultural food to share and decorated their classroom to represent their state.

And they all had to wear Indian costumes, which were absolutely adorable

They make a cute matching couple.

This was their whole class.  I'm not sure what happened with the kiddo in regular clothes.

This picture cracks me up!

The girls with some of their best friends.  

Performing in the celebration.  Claudy and her friend Maria recited a poem.

 We took pictures afterwards at the clinic.



Escarleth, she had a bit of a raccoon makeup motif going on but it was still very cute.

The whole crazy clan.  Such precious kids.

Afterwards we took the kids to see a movie for their monthly reward.  If they always bring their books and stay out of trouble at school we have a reward activity at the end of the month.  We went to see Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole.  It was a little odd and in 3D but the kids seemed to enjoy it.  We're going to try to go the children's museum this month for reward.  They've got a lot of work ahead of them this month with their major book reports being due and a class activity to plan.  


M said...

AWHHHHH! Amber! This post killed me because I miss those precious kids so so much. Escarleth's makeup is seriously my favorite part.. hahaha what a cutie.

Jeanette said...

All of those girls are beautiful but that Dayana is one striking face!!! WOW

Amber said...

I agree Jeanette!! but interestingly the kids here think she's kind of funny looking. Everyone time I comment on how beautiful she is to Darwin he looks at me like I'm NUTS! It's so funny.