Monday, January 31, 2011

5 Crazy Kiddos

This weekend I had Rosie's brothers and sisters over for a night.  I love them so much but I had forgotten what a handful they are.  It's always fun to snuggle with a bunch of sweet kids though.  
Pamela immediately got the little girls playing school in the new playroom/guest room.

My sweet girls

Dayana really liked the shopping cart, especially once they figured out there was play money in it.

This is Jonatan, he's 5 and I'm pretty sure he has ADHD.  He has a really hard time sitting still or staying focused on anything for very long but he is a total sweetheart.  Probably the most loving of the bunch.  He also seems to have become the "problem child" of the bunch and gets blamed for a lot.  Unfortunately he has the bruises to show he's getting in trouble quite a bit.  Sitting with him wrapped in my arms almost breaks my heart.

The whole crew, such a mess, but so love-able.

This is Arol, the "good kid" of the group.  Generally pretty quiet and obedient but a bit of a spoiled brat if he doesn't get what he wants.  He and I have our moments but I love him dearly.

All ready for bed, this was right after we talked about Jesus and said our prayers.  They were in a Catholic children's home for a little while and I was surprised to learn that they actually know quite a bit about the Bible.

Pamela, the mama, such a sweet girl who does a wonderful job taking care of her siblings.  I wish I could lighten her load and take the chip off of her shoulder.  

Typical siblings

Dayana is 4 and one of the LOUDEST children I've ever met in my life, but also one of the most precious.  She definitely makes her presence known but she's also kind and forgiving and quick with a hug.

Taking a walk.  I love these precious kids.

I don't know how he carried her so far, she weighs as much as he does, but he did and it was adorable.  
They love each other so much.
I pray that we can keep this precious family together.  

All of the kids are starting school this month, if you're interested in helping pay for school supplies or uniforms please let me know.

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