Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday Night Pictures

Just a few pictures from Tuesday night.  I love being back.
Jennifer and Rosie.  Rosie is everyone's favorite and Jennifer can definitely use as much loving as she can get.

This is Sergio or as most people call him "lump" because of the bump on his head.  He always has this big smile on his face.

Notice Sergio winking, this picture CRACKS ME UP! He's winking because he's sitting next to pretty Karla.

We all know who this precious angel is :)

Everyone enjoyed their dinner

I love them

Carlos and I.  I'm working on getting more pictures of myself on here.

One of the many Oscars and I.  He's a sweetheart.

I love this picture of Carlos sharing his dinner with Rosie.  He loves her dearly.

Harrison is quiet but we love him

This is Jason or Mil Anos (One Thousand Years) They call him Mil Anos because he looks like he's 12 but he's actually in his 20's.  No one is real sure how old he is.  He's a mess but very lovable.

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Anonymous said...

wow i still remember that place call mogote i love that place and i miss all my family and all those kids:) i miss my people damn i wanna go to honduras :(