Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Babies on the Way

During the months of February and March we are expecting 5 new babies at the homeless ministry.  As exciting as any new birth is, it's also a time of uncertainty for these young moms living on the streets.  All of the girls are excited about the births and it's fun to watch them walking around rubbing their precious bellies.  Here are a couple of our expectant moms.  
Of course there's Reina.  We all doubted her pregnancy for a while because she didn't start to show for a long time (and with pregnancy comes some extra attention), but she is most definitely pregnant and expecting her third child in early March.  Reina's other two boys are in a children's home and are much older.  This is Reina and Talanga's first child after several miscarriages.  They are both looking forward to the new addition.

And Mural, one of my favorite woman is expecting in late February.
 I believe this is her first child and she has plans to get an apartment once the baby is born.  

17 year old Jenny is expecting twins but we haven't seen her in about a month so I'm not sure what her plans are.

Kenya is also expecting in March.  She has the roughest life of all of the girls.  Please pray for all of these girls and the precious souls they will bring into the world.  God can work miracles in the lives of each of these children.

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Hope said...

This post really tugged at my heart. Even people living in poverty experience miscarriage. At least I had my beautiful home and husband to go home to. You are going to be busy with all those babies!