Thursday, January 13, 2011

Amazingly Sweet Faces To Come Home To

Hello World,
Once again I've gone on hiatus and now am returning.  Sorry about that :).  Having an 18 month old puts a bit of a cramp in internet time.  I've been in the states for the past 3 weeks and just returned on Sunday.  Here are a few quick pics of the wonderful faces I was greeted with.

My little Princess Rosie, I missed her more than I thought possible.
Somehow I didn't manage to get a usable picture of Darwin, but he was a trooper while I was gone.
I'm one proud Mom.

Rosie's brothers and sisters.  
Rosie's mom got all of the little ones back from Family Services while I was in the states.
It's wonderful to see them again, I just pray she keeps them safe.

Meet Carlos, a new addition to our ministry.
He's recently been released from prison and is staying in our building 
in order to stay clean and get back on his feet.

Some of my favorite kiddos

These girls have such hard lives but they still stop to give me a smile. 
They make my heart sing.

One of Rosie's brothers.
I can't help but fall in love with that grin.

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