Monday, January 31, 2011

My Sister Came to Visit

I'm been so blessed in the past couple of months to have both my dad and now my little sister come to visit.  
Shasta and her boyfriend Mark were visiting Central America for the month of January and stopped by last week to visit.  
This was our first meal together at the local baleada place.
Their love for "local" food definitely pushed me out of my dining comfort zone into some yummy meals.

Courtney's MASSIVE taquito.

Sorry about the weird coloring, I had my camera on a weird setting evidently

At the Jesus statue park.  Not my favorite picture but at least we're together

Shasta quickly fell in love with my children.

Teaching her some gain that requires squatting and jumping in rapid succession
"Thanks a lot" :)
Shasta- Thank you so much again for coming by.  You are amazing and I love you.  You have so much love in your heart to give.  Don't let that get drowned out by anything or anyone.  God is going to do great things with your life.

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Shasta said...

Thanks for having me. I love you SO SO SO SO much. I can't wait to visit again and stay in the new house! Hope everyone is well. Hugs and kisses.