Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Special Relationship

The relationship between these two is something that I truly believe God has future plans for.  Kevin was Rosie's mom's boyfriend when Rosie was a little baby.  Kevin is not her biological father but he is the only dad she has ever known.  Kevin is an alcoholic and so far hasn't been able to successfully keep himself off of the streets.  But he loves Rosie completely.  On Friday nights when we hand out food on the streets he is always waiting for her.  When we meet him at the park he buys her a sucker or other small candy.  Before we leave for the night he buys her a carton of juice and a bag of chips, without fail.  This young man does not have money to spare but it is important to him that Rosie knows he loves her.
Kevin has recently been making an effort to come to church and usually manages to do it sober.  Rosie loves him deeply and is very disappointed when she isn't able to have her little visit with him.  I pray that God can use her precious heart to break through the hold Satan has on Kevin and allow him the freedom of a life with Christ.

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