Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Some Amazing Teachers and Friends

I had a different blog written for today but it's Teacher Appreciation Day here in Honduras and I need to take the time to recognize some very special people in our lives.

The teachers at Interamerican School and Escuela Santa Monica have blessed our lives in ways we never expected.  When our kids were in a state run orphanage and we weren't allowed to visit them, their teachers visited them and reminded how much they were loved. When they struggle with their past and have extreme behaviors in the classroom, they work with us to develop discipline plans.  And when their learning disabilities or home lives cause them to struggle with their classwork, they stay after class to help them catch up and offer them multiple opportunities.
God blessed us with two schools and many teachers and administrators that make our jobs easier.  I am infinitely thankful for the love and joy they bring into the lives of our kids.

Rosie's teacher Miss Kimberly is one of her favorite people.  Ms. Kimberly is very young and this is her first teacher job but she's doing an amazing job.  Rosie is not the easiest kid to have in class (and there are several other challenging kids in her kindergarten class of 25 kids) but she does a great job of making each child feel special.  I am so happy that Rosie's first school experience has been a positive one.  Ms. Kimberly and her assistant Ms. Elena make each day a learning adventure for my precious girl.

And of course, there's our favorite teacher Mr. Corey.  Corey is a huge reason why our kids are at Interamerican School and a huge help in them succeeding.  Corey has been volunteering with Breaking Chains for the past three years and dedicates hours every day to helping kids have the best educational experience possible.  I am so blessed to have him as not only a partner in ministry but as one of my best friends.

I am also extremely blessed to be the Bible teacher for 5 classes of adorable little guys at Interamerican.  They bring a lot of laughter to my Wednesdays. Thank you God for all the teachers in my life.

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