Saturday, September 13, 2014

Independence Day Parade

Interamerican School has been a huge blessing to us.  The teachers and staff have opened up their hearts to our kids and care as much about their lives outside of the classroom as they do about their school work.  Yesterday, September 13th, they celebrated Honduran Independence Day with a parade.  It was a fairly expensive and work intensive endeavor for 2 hours of a parade but the pride on the faces of the kids was worth every moment spent practicing.

Rosie woke up 3 different times in the night and an hour early ready to prepare for her baton twirling debut.

There were more than a few times I teared up thinking about the opportunities being afforded these kids that literally came from the streets.  Thank you so much for pouring your love into their lives and making this possible.  Escarlen and Melvin from BC had a blast.

We have all become a strange hilarious family here with lots of love to hold us together.  David and Corey's kids are like my nephews and Rosie's cousins.

And Michael and John's kids play the role of both sibling and cousin.

It was a blessing to watch them all enjoy being important in a world where they have often been treated as less.

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