Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Creative Expression

Almost two years ago the National University of Honduras renovated a building around the corner from us and made it into their art department.  Since then they have been periodically meeting with me about wanting to work with our teens on some art projects and eventually on a project to add art to the streets in our area.  Last year they and the psychology department held classes for our kids for a couple of months to help them develop conflict resolution skills.  About a month ago they started having art classes with our kids.  They are teaching them to collect recyclables and make art of them.

The kids were very hesitant at first and still are pretty hesitant on the days that the classes are held at the university but when they are in our building they have a blast.  I love watching them get excited about things.

The plan right now is to work until Christmas making things and learning how to make things then to have a booth at the University's annual Christmas Arts Festival to sell what they have made.  They will also finish the class at the end of the year by making a large mural out of bottle caps.

Our biggest challenge right now is convincing them to save their art work instead of giving it away as gifts. :)  They are very sweet kids and I am excited to see where this opportunity leads them.

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Allie Copeland said...

That is so cool that the university sought you out and wanted to do this for the kids.
Art is definitely a great way to help kids in harsh situations and bringing that beauty into the city is always a good idea. And the fact that they are using what would otherwise be trash provides a great symbolism of how God takes the junk of our lives and uses it to serve for his beautiful purpose.
I hope that they get to make a little money off of their art, even though it is sweet that they want to give it as presents :)