Sunday, September 26, 2010

I couldn't be more proud

Darwin, my sweet boy, is growing up.  He has become the leader of our small congregation of misfits and does a wonderful job.

Darwin preached today about thankfulness and the fact that no matter what our background we have so much to be thankful.

It's amazing to think how far this sweet boy has come and to watch everyone hold him in such respect.  

Our congregation continues to fluctuate between 30-60 people but we seem to be getting the service down.  They are much more respectful now and we rarely have an interruption.  We try to involve everyone in the service and Darwin is great at allowing everyone to have a turn while reigning in those that want to take over the conversation.  
A couple of weeks ago a young lady stood up and told us how lonely she has felt lately but that because of our church she knew she wasn't alone.  She now recognizes that she has us as friends and God in her life.  
That's what our work is about.


Alyson said...

That's really awesome. I can see from all your posts that Darwin really has a heart for God. You're doing a great job with him. And if people are feeling loved and not alone because of you, then you are being Christ in the world.

Hope said...

That fireplace is AMAZING! I so miss you and would love to come down. Love you!