Thursday, January 28, 2010

2 New Sisters and a Brother

On Sunday two representatives from the church in Del City joined us in Mogote.  They are going to be taking over the oversite of the church and Jairo, which is a huge blessing to everyone involved.  The Antrikins and I are making plans to begin removing ourselves from leadership roles in Mogote because they are more than capable of doing it themselves and we don´t want to hold them back, or make them dependent upon us (wow sorry for the massive run on sentence).  It´s been so neat to watch this congregation grow from 14 people in a room in someone´s house to a large church family of around 150 people.  God has definitely blessed us.  On Sunday we also had 3 baptisms, a small family that has been visiting all decided to put Jesus on in baptism after services.  I love watching this.  They are so excited and hesitant and it just brings so much joy to my heart.  I tried to post a video of the actual baptism but it´s pretty long and the internet is kicking off before I get it uploaded so here is a video of Carla, Carlos, and Dianora taking their first communion with their brothers and sisters in Christ.

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