Saturday, January 23, 2010

An Eye Opening Evening and A Moment of Your Time

I love this little girl. 
Everyone, everywhere should get a chance to see someone looking up at them with a face like this at least once in their life. 

While I was in the states we recieved a donation of over 2000 cans of vegetables for the homeless ministry.  This not only makes the food a lot healthier but it also makes it go a lot further (which is a huge blessing right now)

Two of our food donors made one time donations that ran out at the end of the year so we are down to very little money for food.  Please take a minute to prayerfully consider if you can sponsor one night a month for $50 a month or one night a week for $200 a month.  We are also raising money for the new building.  We currently have enough money to cover the first few months of rent but need $600 a month rent to keep it going and $150,000 to make it our own.  Please let me know if you´re interested.  I feel confident that this is the path God has put before me, and the ministry, and I have faith that the funds will become available.  Please add us to your prayer list and become a part of this exciting new ministry.

You might remember Roberto from last fall.  He was hit by a car and ended up spending over a week in the hospital and having two pins put in his leg.  He has refused to walk since, which has really hindered his healing process.  But on Thursday night here he came, grinning from ear to ear and walking with his crutch.  It was great to see him again and get one of his hugs. 

One of the reasons we do what we do. 

Take a moment and look at this picture, see if you can figure out what it is. 
Since I got back from the states Jenny (Dulce´s mom) has been telling me she got a new house.  I´ve been asking her where it was and she never really answered me.  Well tonight we had some extra food and Jenny told me we should take it down under the bridge.  So we put Jenny in the car and she led us around to another spot next to a bridge and we parked.  Several people that we´ve known from our other spots came up from under the bridge and we started talking.  They were all talking about their houses below the bridge and Darwin decided to go check it out.  He took my camera and this is what he returned with.  20 people live here in these two trash made "houses" and they are SO proud of their houses.  Notice the black on the left side of the photo.  That is a steep drop off into the river.  This is where 20 of my dear friends are living.  I asked Reina, another friend of mine who has taken on a motherly role of the rest, if she worked.  She said, ""Work, what work.  I´d love to work, there´s no jobs."  I hope that we can help them find more jobs in the future and begin to make a living for themselves.  Right now they have no way out of their living situation.  Please pray for them.

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