Thursday, January 28, 2010

A REALLY Cold Day at The Water Park

We knew on Monday that on Wednesday we wouldn´t be leaving the house at all because of the inauguration of the new president so we decided that on Tuesday we should spend as much time out of the house as possible.  We decided to take some of the kids from the homeless minsitry to the water park.  All of this was decided in front of fans with sweat rolling off of us.  So we invited the kids and told them when to meet us.  But Tuesday decided to be cold and overcast.  Well once you´ve invited 5 kids to a water park a little cold weather is not going to slow them down.  So we went anyway, and we froze, but we had a GREAT time.  It turns out that only one of the five knew how to swim so we had to keep a really close eye on them but with me stationed firmly at the bottom of the water slides and the other girls riding the innertubes with them all of the kids were all to do anything they wanted.  It was really a fun day. 

Nicol, my little tough girl.  She´s usually too "cool" to be too excited about anything but she had a blast and she wasn´t afraid to show it.  That was neat to watch.

Darwin and Kimberly
Kimberly got sick the second half of the day and didn´t participate much, I think it was a little overwhelming to her, but she had fun anyway.

Notice the very ominous skies
It rained most of the afternoon, but that didn´t slow us down

Warming up a little bit

Sweet, fearless Pedro
This kid wasn´t afraid of anything.  We really had to watch him closely because he was willing to try anything.  At one point Alli was helping him "swim" by holding up his belly and letting him kick and move his arms in the 5 foot pool.  She said, Good job and he said Okay then let me go, and started wriggling to get away.  It was hilarious.

Fernando, The comedian of the group.
This kid is everyone´s favorite.  He is hilarious and loving and just a joy to be around.

Coming down on the double innertubes

So proud he came down all by himself.

Lester is the quiet one of the group and also the only one that could swim so he did his own thing a lot of the day. 

Kimberly was feeling sick at this point but it´s still a sweet picture.

My favorite picture is a group shot but it´s a little too bikini clad for my blog.  They were pretty lenient with the kids but the rule in the park is that you can´t get in the water with anything but a bathing suit on so we were all fairly scantily clad. 

We hope to go again when it´s a little warmer.

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OK Chick said...

It looks like fun, even if it was a bit cold. The kids faces prove they had fun!