Friday, January 08, 2010

Hailey, my silly little monkey sister

This is a family post.  You all are more than welcome to read it but know that it's intended audience is my sister Shasta who doesn't get to see us as much as we all would like.  For your benefit I'll give you a little background on my baby sister.  Hailey is the youngest of my 8 siblings and an absolute character.  She loves to be a little actress and is hilarious to watch.  She is Shasta's mini-me.  She is adopted and 16 years Shasta's junior but it's like watching her grow up all over again. 

Hailey was 4 when I moved to Honduras and convinced that if I really wanted to I could come home for dinner every night.

She was also convinced that if I really wanted to I could bring her a real pet monkey from Honduras.

She can win almost any argument with her smiling eyes and quick laughter.

She is mischevious and clever and a joy to be around. 

I love her dearly.

Here are a few only slightly entertaining videos of her from this week.

Riding in the car, self narrating

Snowed in and baking brownies, notice that she has put flour on her cheeks and she's wearing an apron so she can be a "real chef." 

My mom is a foster parent and I can't post any videos of the foster kids on the internet.  This eliminated most of the more entertaining videos.

I hope to do a similar post of Candice, the next to last sibling, soon.  She's a bit of a nerd like me and videos of her reading and playing on the computer aren't so exciting.  I'll do my best to drum one up though. 

Okay all my talented friends out there posting videos directly to their blogs need to teach me how to do it.  I got a flip for christmas and it is really really handy and easy to use but blogger doesn't seem to be real video friendly.  These come via youtube.


Amber said...

For some reason half of the right side of the videos are cut off. Sorry about that. I'll try to fix it for next time.

Jeanette said...

The videos weren't cut off for me.
Why in the world was that brownie dough so hard??!!! Mine are always "pourable"!!! yikes, i hope they were good!

Amber said...

It was a weird mix that came all in a jar. They were alright, except Hailey said afterwards, "can we make some real brownies, these taste like they're from Africa." I cracked up! She is so funny.

Shasta said...

I love you sister. Thank you so much for giving me such a taste of home. You are the best big sis I could ask for. You have always been patient and kind. You always have lent me an ear to talk to and a shoulder to cry on no matter how far away you are. I love you SO much.